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How & where you can connect, interact and experience ARHT's cutting edge hologram solutions.
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DataVisual On Display 2023

ARHT brings holography to DVoD Tour, Sept 18-Oct 27. Canada's premier AV event goes national. Experience next-gen technology across Canada.

Paris, France

Step into the future with ARHT's hologram revolution. Join our Paris Open House on Oct 11, and Dec 6. Be amazed!

NYC Open House

New York City, USA

Discover ARHT's hologram brilliance in NYC. Open House event on Oct 24-25. Step into the extraordinary realm of holography!

London, UK

Witness the future with ARHT's holograms in London. Join our Open House on Oct 26, and Dec 7. Be inspired!

IÉSEG Conference

Experience holographic magic with ARHT on September 28 at IÉSEG, Puteaux campus. Dive deep with VP Ellen Van De Woestijne. Book by July 15!

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